Getting Legal Status in Certificate Attestation

Getting Legal Status in Certificate Attestation

We all love to go to foreign countries, isn’t it? The purpose of visiting a foreign country will be different for each person. It may be for getting a job, pursuing higher studies, starting a new business venture or just visiting relatives.

However, most of the reasons for visiting foreign countries are for employment and education-related. If you have gone to any foreign country, you must have encountered and faced certificate verification procedures for the particular purpose you want to do in another country.

Only when this verification procedure is successfully authenticated and verified, you are cleared and given legal status for doing what you have come for. This verification process is called attestation. 

The need

Attestation of certificates is a procedure that is done to verify the authenticity of the details that are submitted by you. This is done to ensure that they are not forged and are genuine. It has become an important and mandatory procedure if you are planning to go abroad. Without attesting the certificates, you are not given legal status and sometimes not granted a visa.

Why is it important?

Well, it is the official way of confirming that you are not a security threat to a foreign country and all the details you submitted are genuine. It also grants you legal status to do your purpose i.e employment or higher education.

After all, it is better to be on the safe side so that it benefits you in the future for applying any services, etc. Without proper certificate attestation, your certificates are not valid and you cannot do your purpose legally.

The reasons for certificates not getting attested can arise due to many factors such as a mismatch in details, blurred photographs, typing error, criminal background, etc. Therefore, if you think that you could skip attestation procedures, you cannot skip the procedure and don’t even think about it.

What type of certificates are attested

The certificates typically given for attestation can be anything related to your purpose. Certificate attestation is generally classified into educational certificates, noneducational certificates, and commercial certificates. The educational certificates are the ones that include your qualifications.

Attestation of Certificates

Noneducational certificates are the ones that include documents such as a birth certificate, death certificate, divorce, marriage certificates, etc. Commercial certificates are those that are needed for starting a business venture or expand the existing business to a new location. These include invoices, tax receipts, etc.

When you are attesting the certificates, the originals along with copies of your passport, photos, etc must be given, but it varies with each certificate attestation procedure. There are many attestation companies that do attestation of different certificates within the fastest time period. 

How attestation services are done in Qatar

Qatar is a sovereign state and is one of the fastest-growing nations in the Gulf region. The rules are quite strict in Qatar, therefore if you want to do activities such as job, business or apply for any government services, your certificates should be attested and made legal.

Attesting certificates is not an easy job. It requires verification from different departments, therefore the procedure is somewhat lengthy. There are many reputed agencies for certificate attestation in Qatar that makes the job easier.

The certificates typically undergo four stages of attestation, the first stage is done by the notary department in the home country. After successful verification, the second stage verification is done by the home department of the respective state.

The third stage verification is done by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in which they affix a seal and signature that indicates successful verification. The final stage verification is done by the Qatar Embassy and after they verify it, your certificates are considered valid and legal.

The best agency

As mentioned earlier, the primary purpose of agencies is to get the attestation services done on the certificates submitted by the customer. Attestation is a lengthy process, therefore when you plan it does by yourselves, it takes time and moreover, you are handing over your original certificates, which can deprive you of sleep until you get it back.

Attestation of Certificates

In the hands of a professional and reputed attestation company, your documents are safe and you can track the progress of your attestation via their website. There are many companies that perform certificate attestation services in Qatar.

Among them, New India is the best agency for certificate attestation. We have been in the field of attesting different kinds of certificates for many years such that we know what the current laws are and how to do attestation procedures effectively.

When you hand over your certificates are handled with the utmost care and after the attestation procedure we handover the certificates in a sealed package. You can track the status of your document attestation by the unique code you get at the initial stage of handing over the certificates to us.


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