How to Find Genuine Certificate Attestation Provider?

How to Find Genuine Certificate Attestation Provider?

Due to the high demand of skilled employees in developed countries, the flow of young talents from India has been improving year after year. The high salary they get paid there, security, government schemes, commercial growth possibilities etc are drawing in many immigrants from central and southern parts of India. This flow is high for countries from GCC like Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, which are the priority countries for every job seeker and business tycoon. This is because these countries are economically rich and has large opportunities in all kinds of industries like technology, construction, tourism, healthcare, retail, petroleum, etc. To apply for any visa one must get all his personal, educational and commercial certificates attested from authorities such as Home Department, MEA, Embassy, MoFA, etc. This blog gives you detailed description about the genuine certificate attestation procedure.

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What is attestation?

Attestation is the process of authenticating personal, educational, commercial papers or any valuable papers by the designated government authorities in order to use them in the country where you prefer to go. The genuine certificate attestation process will impart required genuinity for your document and certify it with seal and signature by a designated officer. It ensures that the certificate or the document was issued from a legitimate authority and the credential it hold is real. Attestation is compulsory for all the documents that you need to submit while applying for visa or present in the country for employment, education, commercial purposes, etc. There are certain levels of attestation where each body is appointed by the government to undertake the apostille and attestation procedures.

First you would need to get your documents attested by the Notary and the Home Department from the state the certificate was issued. Then you have to take those documents to the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi for their attestation. You will have to take with you all relevant documents including original certificate, id proofs, photographs and the fees charged for attestation. After MEA attestation, the document must be attested by the Embassy of the country you wish to go. If you are in need of family visa, your documents would have to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All these procedures, as it seems are hectic, tiresome and takes time for each level. You will have to wait long, stand queues, meet designated officer, take required documents, give fees more than the required tariff, etc. all these can exhaust as well as confuse you. This is exactly why you need to rely on attestation agencies to make your valuable documents legalised.


The benefits of hiring attestation services for document authentication are enormous. The genuine certificate attestation procedures for each document vary with the type of certificate and the country you need to go. For example, some require notary attestation, some don’t, some others require HRD attestation while others don’t. Also, the rules may change which you might not be aware of. Getting across all these tough tasks and obtaining the apostille and attestation stamps on your documents needs exceptional efforts, because all government processes takes lots of time and visits to accomplish your needs. This is where best attestation services comes into the picture. Selecting the genuine one out from many who can deliver all the services with minimum time and at lowest fees, and most importantly who offer quality service is important. Here are the tips how to select most promising service providers:

  • Delve into the track record of the firm, check for latest reviews on their website and social networks.
  • The service provider should only ask for fair price as their service charge. Look into the market and find out the rates that other agencies demand. Select the best of it with reasonable charge.
  • It should be equipped with all the facilities to provide quality service including tracking facilities that gives you up-to-date information about the position of your paper.
  • The service provider must be available at all time and offer you with efficient customer care support via phone and email.
  • The agency must keep your credentials safe with utmost confidentiality so that your data is safe from being misused by any.

The above blog has given the explanation about genuine certificate attestation process. Through this article you came to know about the step by step procedures of attestation.


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