Need to Get Married in Oman? | Marriage Certificate Attestation in Oman

Need to Get Married in Oman? | Marriage Certificate Attestation in Oman

The marriage of expats is not so common in Oman. They usually prefer to fly back to their home country and get married to their loved ones. However, marrying in Oman is also possible where you have many options and are supposed to follow the rules that come along. It is important that the bride and groom must be residents of the country who agree to marry following all the legal procedures in Oman. You can have the marriage reception anywhere you wish to host, there are plenty of exotic hotels and other places to celebrate your wedding day. But you are not allowed to do the same for marriage ceremony (like in beach), there are rules that you must abide for getting married in Oman.

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If you are a Christian

If both the couples are Christian you are advised to make an appointment with the priests in Oman to solemnize your wedding. Oman has both Catholic and Protestant churches in Muscat (Ghala and Ruwi), also there are Protestant churches in Salalah and Sohar.

Document Required
  • Passport copy of both the couple’s
  • Proof of marital status
  • Original Baptism certificate
  • No Objection certificate
  • Divorce certificate (if divorced)
  • Widow certificate (if widowed)

It is also compulsory that those documents that you take with you must undergo attestation before you submit them to the church. It is not attestation actually, in Oman the procedure of legalizing a document is called Apostille. Bring along four witnesses, two for each for the wedding ceremony. There is a notice period of one month that the church requires prior to the wedding day. Also, there would be premarital counseling that is strongly recommended by the priest for the blessed married life of couples.

After marriage, you are required to have the official marriage certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Attestation) and by the concerned Embassies.

If you’re a Hindu

Hindu expats can get married in Oman from the Shiva temple, Darsait Temple or from the Indian Embassy. The documents that are supposed to submit and the procedures involved in getting married at the Embassy will be discussed in the later part.

If you are a Muslim

For a marriage that should undergo Muslim wedding rituals, the groom must be a Muslim. It is allowed to marry a non-muslim bride(Christian or Jew) but not a non-muslim groom. If so, he should get converted into Muslim, only then the groom is allowed to marry a Muslim girl in Oman. The couple can apply for marriage at Sharia Court in Wattayah. There should be two witnesses for the marriage ceremony to be solemnized by the Muslim leader. It is compulsory that people involved in the marriage ceremony should be having the passport with them while at the ceremony. Get the help of some attestation agency to get your marriage certificate and the documents related to get them authentic.


If you have No Religion

For many expats, it is sad that there are no civil marriages in Oman. But don’t worry if you are not able to get married in a church, temple or mosque, you can get united legally from the respective Embassy.

Marriage Registration in Oman

After getting married you are supposed to register your marriage within one month at the Department of Notary Public in Al Khuwayr.

Documents Required:
  • Application form
  • Notification of marriage from the Ministry of Justice
  • Approval letter from the Ministry of approval (if an Omani is marrying a foreigner)

So now you have got married and have your attested marriage certificate. And if you have not authenticated the certificate yet, rely on some agency for marriage certificate attestation in Oman or else the attestation procedures can make the mess out of your head.

Marriage at Indian Embassy

If you unable to get married in any religious community, go for the Indian embassy who can solemnize your wedding legally. Bring along the following documents and meet the Consular wing at the Embassy.

Documents Required:
  • Marriage notice (4 copies)
  • Declaration by both the couple
  • Sworn Affidavit by the couple (Duplicate)
  • Declaration of intention to marry through affidavit as per Performa
  • Recent passport size photograph of each (4 nos.)
  • Any of the couples should have a residence visa in Oman
  • If any of the couples is not an Indian, submit a No objection certificate or Affidavit regarding the marital status and willingness to marry an Indian from the person’s Embassy and that attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oman.
  • 3 witnesses holding residence visa in Oman with valid passports
  • Witnesses and the couple must be present at the time of submission of application and while the solemnization of marriage.
  • The notice of marriage will be displayed on the Embassy notice board for 30 days and only if there is no objection, the marriage will be solemnized by the Embassy.
  • The application form must be filled as per the passports

After you receive the attested marriage certificate, apply for the residence visa in Oman. You can seek help from some reliable visa service in the country to get the visa easily. Now you might have got a clear idea of the legal procedures involved in getting married in Oman. I’ve briefed the answer for how and what is required. Now go, get married, wish you good luck!


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