Power of Attorney Attestation in Qatar

Power of Attorney Attestation in Qatar

The Power of Attorney is a document that gives a person who act as the agent or attorney-in-fact all the rights to act for another person who is the principal. The assigned agent can make decisions on the principal’s property, finances or medical care, he/she will be having broad or limited legal authority over the properties of the principal. This document is used while the the principal is affected by any illness or disability or when he is not available to sign necessary legal documents. It is not important that the person appointed as power of attorney not necessary be an attorney, he can be a trusted family member, close friend or acquaintance. Power of attorney always serve as good since it ensures that there will be someone to look after your financial affairs if you become weak or helpless. Make sure to you chose a trusted person to be in charge.

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Different Power of attorney falls under two categories: general power of attorney and limited power of attorney. General power of attorney is used as a document on behalf of the principal to make decisions in any or all matters that has been allowed by the state. The agent who is made responsible under general power of attorney is authorized to handle bank accounts, selling property, signing checks, filing taxes, and so on. Whereas the limited power of attorney powers the agent to involve in specific matters or events. Like, you may explicitly state the agent is allowed to manage the principal’s retirement accounts. It can also be limited to a particular period of time.

Attestation of power of attorney is important if you are using the document in any other country for business or other purposes. If you are a person planning to go abroad for any of the business dealings of the principal’s asset, or it involves the financial transactions of the principal’s account, power of attorney must be submitted to the relevant authority. It is mandatory that this document is attested before you submit, and if any error, your permission to use it in the country will be denied. Attestation is the process of authenticating a document by an authorised person, authority or a department using their seal and signature. This certifies that the document was issued from a responsible authority and the signature and seal imprinted on the power of attorney document is genuine. There are many agencies who can help you in certificate attestation in Qatar. Now we will see how to get your power of attorney document attested. Beforehand, lets see the documents required for attesting the power of attorney document:

  • Original Passport
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Address Proof
  • Original Visa
  • Two sets of POA
  • Copy of recent bank statement

Power of Attorney Attestation Procedures:


  1. Get the power of attorney signed by the principal, attorney and the witnesses. Present this on a stamp paper of required value that depends on the state the original power of attorney was issued.
  2. Register the POA certificate from the office of Sub Divisional Office or Sub Magistrate Office. This rule may vary from state to state. When all these attestation procedures are complete, the document becomes authentic.

Attestation procedures are complex unlike the simple description written above. When you get into it, you will feel the process confusing and tiresome. All you need is a perfect helping hand for getting your documents attested. New India attestation services in Qatar is the most reliable firm in attestation and other important paperworks in the country. Your valuable documents will be safe in our hands that will be covered with insurance. Also we deliver your attested documents within 7 Indian working days. We also provide services like birth, marriage and educational certificate attestation in Qatar, PRO services, Commercial Registration, PAN card services in Qatar and many more.


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